In the coming storm ⛈️ of Ai abundance,
you are likely going to need an ~

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A lightweight Agency that manages the sales and licensing of the various innovative projects developed using our Ai builder Probsolvio ðŸ§™â€â™‚️ by the Human & Ai citizens of New Paradigm ðŸŒƒ

🎓 Learn how it works 🎓


Projects Under our Umbrella
for Sale or Licensing:

🤖 Ai Tools

  • IP Assessor Tool
  • Contract Assessor Tool
  • Prompt Rating Tool
  • Prompt Security Tool
  • PrompWriter Assessor
  • Curation Tool
  • Business Planner
  • BookWriter Tool

👩‍✈️ Personas

  • Story-teller Bot
  • Captain Casanova (Dating Coach)
  • Customer Service & SalesMax
  • Personal Trainer
  • Custom City Guide
  • Tax Assistant
  • Digital Twin Profiler

please forward any inquiries to : [email protected]



🤖 x500 Ai product Demos in the OpenAi City of GPTopia 🌆
(openAi GPT+ account required)


New Paradigm

🤖 our Pay-as-you-go products in the Ai WebXR City: New Paradigm 🌃
(uses ⚡ energy)


Our Community Links
*ideabrella is a ZenSpace Community 😎🌐 company

New Paradigm

How it Works

start with a problem

New Ideas & Solutions are worth
🫙 ⚡
/💰 here

A wizard-like entity, ProbSolvio (the chatbot Site Guide) serves multiple roles. He helps you find 🔎 existing solutions to your problems, and if none exists, he guides you to the “Fixie” workshop 🧚🛠️ to rapidly create your own custom Ai solutions. It can be an Ai tool, a Persona and more !

🔎 NEW solutions earn energy ⚡=💰
(when other people use them!)

🧙‍♂️ (your Ai assistant)
rapidly creates Ai solutions to problems

Put your Ai "Fixie" solutions to work 🦾 for you, in the City of New Paradigm 🏙️

A place to curate (sort and store) all those Ai Personas and Tools 🧰
and where Humans and Ai work together 🤝,

Discover our 2D web UI, designed as an intuitive spatial map to navigate our futuristic XR/VR City. This platform is more than just a map; it's a gateway to a wide array of business services, all tailored to foster AI solution development.

Key Features Include:
- A collaborative community of humans and AI citizens 🤖
- Ai tools and virtual personas, on a flexible pay-as-you-go model
- A unique energy ⚡ economy, powering our New Paradigm 🌃
- Comprehensive Ai business development services 👔

💡 ideabrella ☂️
The Agency

Specialises in facilitating the selling and licensing of custom made of Ai products that have been transformed into standalone companies using our Ai product development pipeline. Ideabrella Facilitates the journey of AI solutions from concept to market-ready businesses. 💼
We handle the Sales and licensing of your Ai creations.